I’ve tried to create a quick, easy way for handymen and remodel contractors to estimate a design cost. There are sometimes exceptions to these rules, but this list is a good starting point.

Concept Phase

During this phase, we flush out ideas for the space(s). Each concept gets two photorealistic renderings from different viewpoints/angles to help visualize the new space and an unscaled PDF plan view. Contractors should provide accurate dimensions of the space before starting concept work.

  • Bathrooms, laundry rooms, bedroom, master closets
  • Master bathrooms, great/living rooms, entry/stairs
  • Kitchens


If CAD files are required to develop demolition plans or other exterior views, purchasing as-builts of the existing house might be necessary before continuing on to Construction Documents (CDs). The process involves measuring exteriors and interiors to develop a 2D plan of the space. This service is only offered in the greater Dallas Metroplex area.

  • As-built plans from scratch
    $0.50/sq. ft.
  • As-built plans from paper plans (or using someone else’s measurements)
    $0.35/sq. ft.

Construction Documents

CDs for remodels include all the written components necessary to permit and bid a job, sans engineering.

  • Remodel CDs
    $1.25/sq. ft.