I’ve tried to keep my plans simple to understand and easy to choose. Prices are for all square footage “under roof” (see FAQs for a complete definition).

All plans feature electronically-delivered PDF documents for estimating and printing. Since all custom designs are work-for-hire and owned by the customer, source CAD files are also always available upon request.

  • Popular
  • Standard Package
  • $1.25/ft.
  • Master floor plan layout at 1/4" = 1' scale
  • All necessary int. & ext.  dimensions
  • Door & window schedules
  • General & specific notes
  • Elevations with notes, dimensions, materials, etc.
  • Electrical plan & legend
  • Roof plan
  • Foundation layout1
  • Typical wall section detail 2
  • 3D visualization & VR mobile app access
  • Great Value!
  • Enhanced Package
  • $2.50/ft.
  • Everything in Standard Package
  • Door & window details
  • Interior layouts & construction details
  • Kitchen & bathroom cabinet layout & schedule
  • Cross-sections, as necessary
  • Additional material notes & schedules, as necessary
  • Onsite visit3
1: Foundations layouts are NOT engineered foundations. A foundation designed from a licensed engineer is a separated service not offered directly by homeMADE Design.
2: Wall section details are NOT engineered structural plans. Some cities may require additional material during permitting including framing details, bracing, etc. Structural designs from a licensed engineer are a separate service not offered by homeMADE Design.
3: Onsite visits offered within the greater Dallas Metroplex area.